TammieShoots x Legato Gelato: Making Gelato

Today’s tammieshoots x is collaborating with Legato Gelato – a gelato cafe located in Serpong. I’ve decided to switch up the layout of these articles a little bit since I feel like the collaging is not doing the photos justice, so now they will be full size.

This post will talk about Legato Gelato and how it came to be, as well as a behind-the-scenes of making gelato. Hopefully this post can inspire other entrepreneurs wanting to open their own F&B establishments.

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Tammieshoots x YY Studio: How to Shoot Restaurant Interiors

Today I’m starting a series of collaboration posts (tammieshoots x) with local entrepreneurs, brands and companies that will cover a range of topics that will be largely related to both what they do/stand for or photography. These posts will aim to increase exposure to smaller businesses and young entrepreneurs, and also to educate the general public in whatever industry that they specialize in.

This particular post is in collaboration with YY studio (an interior design consultant company) and X Wagyu (a restaurant) and will cover some tips and how-to’s in regard to interior design – specifically for restaurants.Β 

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Travel Tips of the Day: 5 Instaworthy Places to Visit In Seoul

Back with a travel post this weekend for you guys. I visited Seoul last year with a group of friends and absolutely loved it there. We spent 10 days exploring the city and (it being my first time there) I have compiled a list of places that I thought is a must visit for a first-timer like me – also places where you can take LOADS of great content for instagram! Make sure you subscribe, or follow me on instagram (@tamarasputri) or twitter (@tammie900) so you don’t miss my next post.

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